(Be-)Deutungsansprüche in qualitativer Forschung

Tagungsprogramm: Session 1 A

The Power of Doubts (Part I): Subjectivity and Reflexivity as Methodological Tools in Social Research


Chairs: Dr. Torsten Heinemann & Dr. Angela Kühner (both Frankfurt/Main)


Participants: Prof. Johannes Angermüller (Mainz), Dr. Claudia Lapping (London), Dr. Minna-Kristiina Ruokonen-Engler & Dr. Irini Siouti (both Frankfurt/Main)


Location: Jügelhaus / Alter Senatssaal 



The workshop wants to bring together researchers who explicitly address subjectivity not as an obstacle but constitutive for qualitative research processes. How can one claim that subjectivity and reflexivity are legitimate research tools? From different theoretical perspectives, the four contributors will show how they see and use subjectivity: References will be made to psychoanalysis (as applied in British “psycho-social studies”), discourse analysis, biographical analysis and critical migration research.


Johannes Angermüller: Not what but who. Subject positions in acadamic discourse.


Claudia Lapping: Which Subject, whose Desire? The Action of Interpretation and the Articulation of Desire in the Practice of Research.


Minna-Kristina Ruokonen-Engler & Irini Siouti: Methods on the move: biographical reflexivity as a key concept in transnational migration research.









We would like to thank all participants for their contributions to a inspiring conference and look forward to continuing the discussion that we have just begun!