(Be-)Deutungsansprüche in qualitativer Forschung

Tagungsprogramm: Session 1 B


The research subject's perspective and the 'quality of qualitative research

Chairs: Dr. Maria Teresa Herrera Vivar & Dr. Alice Szczepanikova
Participants: Llanquiray Painemal (Berlin), Luis Manuel Hernández Aguilar (Frankfurt) 
Location: Jügelhaus / 32 B

This panel aims at making the perspectives of the research subjects part of reflexivity in the research process. In particular, the focus will be on gendered and power dimensions of relationships that emerge during fieldwork, questions of representation and participation. These issues have long been discussed in feminist debates on methodology yet rarely find their way into the published research results. In this workshop, the speakers who belong to the often researched group of "migrants" and/or "refugees" will critically reflect on their experiences of "being researched" to start off the discussion. The rationale for this focus is that such perspectives can shed light on the actual reception and impact of the academic practice in the field.
The panel is organized in cooperation with the Cornelia Goethe Center, Goethe University.









We would like to thank all participants for their contributions to a inspiring conference and look forward to continuing the discussion that we have just begun!